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Rogues Gallery

When not at his easel in his studio, Stuart can often be seen, camera in hand, on the side of the pitch or cheering from the stalls.
We've gathered a few random pics fresh out of his scrapbook.
Stuart & son, Robbie, with Ryan Wilson. Feb 2022.
Stuart giving the boys a team talk! Italy 2018.
Matt Fagerson. Christmas 2022.
Doddie, Robbie and Stuart, Wales 2017.
Finlay Calder with the boys - Wales 2017.JPG
Ali, with his mum's gift.
Scottish Front Row with a gift for the Scrum Coach.
After the Game.
John Jeffrey with the boys, Wales 2017.
Stuart and Pierre Schoeman.
Stuart with some French Visitors.
'Robbie (Stuarts Son) & Ritchie Gray - Mascot 2017'.jpg
Robbie's Mascot day with Richie Gray,
Wales 2017.

"Stuart prefers to have experience of the highs and lows of each game himself, using his own shots to capture the perfect angle and ensuring the spirit of each game is represented in each detail." 

Scottish Field March 2023

Read All About It!  Scottish Field, March 2023.
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