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Blog 2 .......NEW Limited Edition Rugby World Cup Prints

Sneak Peek at the very first Print/Proof.....

Here is a pic of the first Rugby World Cup prints. I have done 20 different pieces of Artwork, One for each Team/Country competing in the competition, this is the first proof for the Scottish print. Each countries name and group games (with dates, stadium names & cities) are listed in French below each piece of individual Artwork - showing a sketch of a player painted in their home kit alongside my drawing of the Eiffel Tower. The Countries flag is dropped above a small sketch of France with the locations dotted on.

They are Limited Edition Prints - 223 printed for each piece (reflecting the year 2023), as with all my prints, these are produced on high quality paper using Canon inks. Each piece is embossed with the artists stamp, Hand Signed & Numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, also Hand Signed & Numbered.

Most teams have been painted, however some teams have not released their World Cup Kits, so until I see them, I cant paint them.......Finishing touches are being added daily.

Hot off the Press..........

I wanted the Artwork to have a 'French feel', so apart from the obvious Tricolor flag backdrop, I chose text that reflected the amazing travel posters from the 30's and a typeface that complimented my idea.

Here is the sketch I did of the Eiffel Tower for the backdrop of each piece, I played around with other landmarks, but opted to keep it simple.

I hope they appeal to everyone, not just Rugby fans. So I hope they are hanging in walls across the the world -from Namibia to Japan & from Tonga to Chile and all the big Rugby Nation countries !!

Need to pin down worldwide shipping quotes...........................................

I will post a blog 24 hrs before I release the prints online.........................

All details about the prints will be on my websites when they are live, I hope to get them online ASAP. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

To view all my Original Rugby Paintings & Prints visit -

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